Secure funding against R&D tax credits


Secure funding against R&D tax credits

Companies who invest in research and development are eligible for a cash payment back from HM Government. Once the R&D tax credit has been approved it can take many months before

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New business finance website launched

Great news Enable Finance have launched their new website, the site has had a complete makeover with great care and attention to try and make the user experience smooth. Simpler

Have a great St Patricks Day

Ok so I’m not Irish but we all know what St. Patricks Day is all about… having a good time with friends and family down the pub and with a

Bank Interest Rates hits 314 year low

The Bank of England has cut rates to 1.5%, making it the first time rates have fallen below 2% in the bank’s 314 year history. The half percentage point reduction

Bank Interest Rate Decision Today

The Bank England will today announce if Interest Rates are to go up, down or stay the same. With rates currently at 2%, the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee is tipped

UK Interest Rates drop to 2%

The Bank of England has cut interest rates by one percentage point, from 3% to 2% – the lowest level since 1951. The last cut, an emergency 1.5%, was intended

Interest Rates Expected to be Cut Today

The Bank of England is expected to cut interest rates later to their lowest for more than half a century. Economists and business leaders have called for a one percentage