Business tips from BBC the bottom line

business tips from the bottom line Yesterday I blogged about Lara Morgan and her Company Shortcuts that I discovered while listening to Radio 4’s The Bottom Line hosted by Evan Davis. I really think this program is great for all business owners or want to be business owners, the business tips you pick up are priceless.

The value and insights you get from the interviews are outstanding Evan Davis is not only interviewing and asking tricky question to the great and the good, what you might call, the captains of industry but also the entrepreneurs and fast moving new starts. The program is a business conversation normally with 3 Owners or Directors and typically centred around a topic such as “Big Bold Ideas” or “over coming start up headaches”.

Business tips delivered to your ears.

Naturally because this is a BBC production you can listen to it live on Radio 4 the bottom line or download it as a Podcast. I have also just discovered there are lots of videos for you to watch as well. I also like this selection of  the bottom line videos  a great resource that every business owner or want to be business owner should know about.

Evan Davis the interviewer

Here is a snippet from wikipedia about Evan Davis: “Evan Harold Davis (born 8 April 1962) is a British economist, journalist and presenter for the BBC. In October 2001, Davis took over from Peter Jay as the BBC’s economics editor. He left this post in April 2008 to become a presenter on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. Evan Davis is also the presenter for the BBC venture-capitalist programme Dragons’ Den, as well as The Bottom Line, a business conversation show, also on BBC Radio 4.”

What seems to be great is because Evan Davis is a trained economist with loads of experience as the above suggests he really drills down to the nub or route of the business conversation which is great for we business owners.

Business tips and insight you can expect to get:

If you you were not aware of the business tips and insights you can get from the BBC’s bottom line I hope you found this blog post useful. Feel free to leave comments below or other great business tip resources you know about.