Building a Better Marketing Plan

Marketing is one of the most important components of your small business’s success. No matter how great your product is, you’ll never turn a profit if customers aren’t aware that it exists. If you hope to make a dent in your chosen market, you’ll need to develop an airtight marketing plan and budget.

The first think you need to ask yourself is if you have a great product that will be of value to a customer. Make sure there’s a need out there for what you’re offering, and ask yourself how large your market is. How often will customers need to buy your product? Getting this information will tell you first if you have a sustainable product, and also help you form your initial marketing plan. Next, you need to define your target market. You must get as specific as possible with this step, and that means building a customer profile. Who is your target customer? How much income do they make? What’s their level of education? Once you have a detailed profile of your ideal customer, it’s time to figure out what your message to them. What will make them buy your product? Learn more below!

Read the full article here: How to Develop a Killer Marketing Plan for Your Small Business

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