British Business Positive Vibes For 2011

A selection of Britain’s brightest businesses have revealed that, despite the economic challenges, they are set for a positive 2011.

Created to regularly share the views and insights of some of Britain’s most innovative and pioneering businesses, the HSBC Business Thinking Panel highlights investing in growth, reinvigorating innovation and exploiting international business opportunities as key areas.

All of HSBC’s panellists are planning to grow their businesses in the coming year, with over half aiming for significant growth. To help their businesses thrive in the first quarter of 2011 their focus will be on developing new products and recruiting skilled staff. In addition, the main motivations for these businesses to look for finance are to facilitate growth and finance investment.

Panellists have revealed the increasing importance they are placing on innovation for 2011. A third of panellists feel that investing in research and development will enable their businesses to emerge along the road to recovery more quickly.

Over the next six months members of HSBC’s Business Thinking Panel envisage their growth as being reliant on making the most of international opportunities and four in 10 of the panellists hope their key achievement in 2011 will be growing international trade. In order to fulfil this ambition, panellists feel that a balanced mix of expanding their presence in existing markets and entering into new markets will reap rewards.