Branding You Can Afford

Every successful business has a strong, well-developed brand. While global businesses spend vast amounts of money on their branding, as a startup you’re working with a limited budget. How can you develop your brand on a shoestring?

Branding is more than just your logo. It’s central to the relationship you have with your audience, which makes it a vital factor in any business. Before you start marketing anything, you must look internally and identify the core values that your brand represents. Then, you should shape and clarify your brand. Identify the purpose behind your company, exactly what it does, and what its personality is. Identify how you stand out from the competition and what your value is to your audience. Then, you can begin to communicate your brand to that audience. This is done not only through design and marketing, but also through visual and written content and the way in which you engage your audience. Your brand is always evolving; you’ll need to continually review and research it in order to remain relevant and authentic. The most important thing to remember, though, is that your brand is all about the relationship you have with your customers.

Read the full article here: Budget Branding for Startups

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