Boost Your Blog Shares With These Tips

You can spend all the time in the world developing content for your marketing blog, but if you can’t get anyone to share it will never go anywhere. If you hope to get people to share, you have to understand why people click that little Share button.

The psychology of sharing is as simple as it gets: readers have to trust you before they’ll share your content. No one will share from a website that looks sketchy, or from a writer who’s pushy or uninformed. You have to provide readers with value first. Your site also must be optimized for mobile. About 20% of your web traffic will come from mobile sources, and if your site doesn’t look good on a phone those users won’t share your content. The content itself should focus on creating curiosity, surprise, and amazement. It’s not enough to simply write a helpful article; you must appeal to a reader’s emotion. Emotion is one of the major driving forces in social sharing and will greatly increase the chances a reader will share your content. Finally, don’t be pushy and plead for shares. Simply ask!

Read the full article here: 5 Ways to Increase Social Shares on Your Blog

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