Big Boosts to Your Online Reputation


A small business’s reputation is vital to its survival, but these days your reputation lives largely online. It can be changed in a nanosecond by rumors, criticism, and poor reviews. A one-star review on a site like Yelp can put off potential customers for good. If you find your business’s reputation sinking, what can you do?

The first thing you should do is research your own online reputation. Look up your business in search engines and make a note of the top ten results, noting whether they’re positive or negative mentions. Check popular review websites and social media. Identify what you can easily control and begin there. Claim the local listings for your company in online directories and make sure the information provided therein is both positive and up-to-date. Take to social media and start sharing positive reviews and testimonials, and publish positive, useful content on your website. Then, you have to get to work on fixing the issue long-term. Work to correct the underlying causes of the negative comments. Often this lies in improving customer service, and asking for customer feedback is great way to identify where the problems lie. Do this, and you should see your business’s reputation start to turn around!

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