Bibby Factors Now The 2nd Biggest Invoice Finance Company

Commenting on Receivables 2009, the 13th Business Money annual evaluation of the united kingdom invoice finance market publisher, Robert Lefroy, stated: “Bibby Financial Services has built an significant contribution to funding the Small medium enterprise sector in Great Britan for nearly 2 whole decades.

“Our publication is actually far too professional to touch the awards spectacle with a bargepole however we have been very happy to recognize an exceptional accomplishment which can be substantiated through sound data.

“Receivables 2009 verifies a couple of trends. A fragile appetite for business funding from the customers of big banks as the UK suffered from recession – this underlines why business lending targets overall are so hard for banks to achieve and is one of several reasons why Lord Mandelson’s talk of credit adjudication panels is hopelessly unworkable – and the manner in which the UK’s several independent invoice finance providers have stood up to the challenge and supported a beleaguered SME sector.

“All of them are worthy of praise but Bibby’s achievement in the UK, as well as expanding into nine countries worldwide, is outstanding and worthy of note.”

Factoring companies with 200+ clients

2009 Factoring clients Average loan
Lloyds TSB 6,476 £48,332
Bibby Financial Services 3,326 £65,244
HSBC 3,018 £64,944
RBS Invoice Finance 2,996 £110,147
Barclays 1,414 £95,615
Absolute Invoice Finance 729 £112,483
Venture Finance 592 £97,973
SME Invoice Finance 493 £50,710
Close Invoice Finance 381 £125,984
Hitachi Capital 337 £58,457
Fortis 300 £3,333
IGF Invoice Finance 274 £58,394
Ashley Commercial Finance 265 £17,925
Ultimate Finance 205 £64,878