Becoming an Unforgettable Boss

Most people who leave a job aren’t leaving the company. They’re leaving a boss. No one wants to work with a bad boss, but people will stick by a great one. Great bosses are not only great to work for, but they make us into better workers. They see us as capable of more than we know. Do you want to become that kind of boss? Read on to find out how.

The best bosses are passionate. There’s nothing more demotivating than working for a boss who’s bored. If you don’t care, why should your team? If you believe in what you’re doing and have fun doing it, everyone else will eagerly follow. That’s not to say that there won’t be trouble and challenges, but a great boss will come to the defense of his or her team. Some bosses will throw their people under the bus, but the best bosses will throw themselves in front of the bus, instead. They move obstacles out of the way, they clean up messes, and they help their team live up to their potential. Great bosses are also honest and direct. They don’t lie, cover up their mistakes, or make false promises. They don’t get rattled under pressure, and they provide a steady port in a storm for all of their employees. What are the qualities of the best bosses you’ve ever had?

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