Become a Better Leader Before Breakfast

Once you’re dressed for work and you’re getting yourself into your workday headspace, it can be tough to make changes in your mindset to improve your leadership and personal effectiveness. But if you can commit yourself to doing a few things differently before you’re ready to walk out the door in the morning, you may find it easier to stick to the commitments you make to yourself.

For example, why not wake up tomorrow and decide to work on fixing the one big flaw in your leadership personality? First you need to know what that flaw is, whether it’s verbosity, snap judgments, or resistance to new ideas. Figure out what it is, write it down, and start working on fixing it first thing in the morning. Next, you can try to work on the little things that can make a big difference. Maybe you need to organize your inbox or focus more at work. Finally, you should commit yourself both to having more fun at work and to giving it your all. We’re all only here once, so why not have fun? At the same time, this is your one and only shot at this job so you should make it count. Committing yourself to these changes every morning will help you improve your leadership and your enjoyment at work!

Read the full article here: 4 Ways to Work on Your Leadership Before You Get Dressed

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