Business Bank Lending – Computer Says No, Enable Finance Funds The Gap

Business Loans According to analysts Bank Lending to Companies will fall sharply in 2013 and is expected to be down 25% on business lending figures of 2008. The respected Ernst and Young Item Club, stated that total lending to businesses will reach £422 billion by the end of the year.

Enable Finance have been very active in funding the gap left by the major high street banks and have made great efforts to supply trading businesses with alternative sources of business finance including asset based lending, peer to peer funding solutions and crowd-source lending.

Asset Based Lending As Alternative Business Finance Solution

Asset Based Lending (ABL) covers a broad area and has been a well known solution for large corporates for decades. An ABL facility has normally only been available to multi-million pound companies or transactions.

Asset Based Lending can be a blend of funding lines secured over a multitude of asset classes such as, plant and machinery, commercial vehicles, debtors, stock and property. Utilising all the business assets can allow the trading business a high degree of leveraged  access to cash and working capital. Call Phillip Evans on 01142 945 046

Peer to Peer Lending and Crowd Funding.

Peer to peer lending and crowd funding probably best described in this info-graphic. Enable Finance have multiple sources of peer-to-peer lending platforms and crowdfunding solutions to assist our clients.


To discover more about available sources of business finance why not download our Finance Guide above.

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