Avoiding Small Business Burnout

Entrepreneurs all over the world struggle to manage all the different aspects of running a business. The stress, worry, pressure, and time commitment can build up over the weeks and months and lead to the ultimate productivity killer: business burnout. This complete mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion can cause depression and anxiety as well as a general detachment and lack of enthusiasm. How can you ensure this doesn’t happen to you?

One way is to make a  schedule and stick to it. Block out increments of time to spend on individual tasks each day and stick to it. You may need to reevaluate your schedule throughout the day as things pop up, but the important thing is to actually have a schedule so you can keep yourself on task and know when it’s time to rest. Delegating is another great way to avoid burnout. As small business owners, we often want to do everything ourselves. But we have employees for a reason: delegate tasks to your trusted staff members so you can focus on the bigger picture. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, get some rest. If you don’t sleep enough, your focus will decrease, your stress will increase, and you’ll be much more likely to burn out.

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