Asset Based Factoring

Asset Based Factoring which is also known as Asset Based Lending can be one of the most dynamic ways a business can fund itself. Enable Finance provide expert help and advise to business owners and Directors when structuring an Asset Based Lending facility

Asset Based Factoring is designed to maximise the level of finance available to a business against the value of its assets. Sometimes described as “collateralised lending”, Asset Based Lending delivers a senior debt injection that provides working capital, helps with growth and can enable a business to re-structure. Security is taken against assets hence the term “lending”.

The amount available under an Asset Based Factoring arrangement is based on the combined assets of a business, naturally this can be tailored to the individual, so your specific business may only want to fund sales ledger and or its plant and equipment.

Here are a few examples of security used as part of Assets Based Factoring deals

  • Current Assets –  accounts receivable or debtor ledger and stock inventory
  • Fixed Assets – such as property, commercial vehicles,  plant & machinery
  • Intangible Assets – these may include brand names, patents and trademarks

The Company Borrowing the money draws on a line of credit based on their assets. Taking an overdraft facility from a bank or securing a loan does not always meet the long-term requirements of a growing or restructuring business. Asset Based Lenders look beyond financial statements to determine advances and frequently provide funds where traditional sources are not available

What Can Asset Based Factoring Be Used For:

  • Business Refinance
  • Corporate Restructure
  • Growth & Sales Funding
  • Business Turnaround & Rescue
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Management Buy Outs (MBO)

If you would like to know more about asset based factoring or more importantly how asset based factoring could help your Company please do not hesitate to call Phillip Evans direct on 0797 0500425

How to Apply For Asset Based Factoring

Firstly Enable Finance offer all our clients a free and with no obligation consultation either over the phone or in person to suit you so that we fully understand your business, business goals and ultimately what you are trying to achieve.

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