Can’t get a bank account? Enable Finance now provide access to bank accounts that cater for people with bad credit or have been refused elsewhere. Now you can. Specifically designed bank accounts for people with bad credit history.
  • Bad Credit or been made Bankrupt
  • No credit Checks just proof of address/ID required
  • Mastercard® Debit Card
  • Internet Banking
  • Also ideal for Foreign National
  • IVA or Debt Management OK
  • Bank Accounts For Bad Credit
  • If your struggle to get a bank account apply now
  • Need a CREDIT CARD, but got BAD CREDIT click here
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Main Features of the Bank Accounts For Bad Credit

This bank account for people with bad credit has all the features you would expect with most bank accounts allowing you to operate and run a normal life, have your wages paid directly into your account, draw money from cash machines, buy and shop on line, pay bills and operate Standing Orders.
  • No Credit Checks GUARANTEED – proof of ID only
  • Mastercard® Debit Card
  • Chip & Pin technology
  • Sort Code & Account Number
  • Pay Standing orders
  • Internet Shopping
  • Internet Banking
  • Low set-up & monthly fees
  • 2nd Card Holder automatically accepted
  • Pay-in at High Street bank, Post Office, Online or Pay Point
  • Text alerts when payments are due and the account is low
  • Plus many more features…

Who is eligible: Bank Accounts For Bad Credit ?

You may find this is very surprising but as long as you have a form of identification and prove your address its highly likely you will be approved instantly for a bank account we could give you a bank account if you fall into any of these categories
  • Have a bad credit history or poor credit rating
  • Bank Accounts for Bankrupts
  • In a Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) or Debt Management Program
  • Have county court judgements, CCJs, defaults or very low credit score.
  • A foreign national
  • Asylum seeker
  • Had your account closed by your previous bank
  • Have had an unauthorised overdraft or outstanding bank charges elsewhere
  • Insolvency or Bankruptcy
  • Self Employed or Irregular Income
Try us out the application process is simple and instant.

Apply On-line Now a Bad Credit Bank Account

Bank Accounts For Bad Credit Facts: No Credit Checks. Been refused a bank account elsewhere, no problem. CCJ,s Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) and defaults are accepted. Available to bankrupts either currently bankrupt or now discharged.

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