If you are an individual or a business having bad credit registered can create problems for you and your business. Enable understands that bad credit can happen for a variety of reasons and some can be completely out of your control. Bad credit can also be registered against you without you even knowing, perhaps you moved address and your mail was not passed on properly. We have put a list together of potential solutions that we hope to keep adding to:

Personal bank accounts for people with bad credit:

  • Personal Bank Accounts for people with bad credit – getting a bank account when you have a bad credit history can prove difficult. So we have created a relationship with a banking provider that is ultimately back by the Newcastle Building Society; to provide a basic bank account for people that have adverse credit. This bank account is available to bankrupts and no credit check is undertaken.

Car finance for people with bad credit:

  • Perhaps you are looking to buy a car and need finance as you don’t have the cash to make an out right purchase, but your adverse credit rating is holding you back. Enable Finance has fixed this problem and has a provider of car finance for people with bad credit.

Getting a credit card with bad credit:

  • Credit Cards can be very useful but when you have poor credit or have had past defaults or county court judgements you will find it very difficult to be accepted for a credit card. However, Enable are pleased to offer you a solution. Apply for a credit card here regardless of your credit history
Confused about your credit score or not sure if you have bad credit?
  • If you are confused by your credit score and not even sure if you have bad credit you should check your credit rating and get armed with the facts. Checking your credit report will tell you if you are registered on the voters, if you have defaults, county court judgements and your overall credit score.
Loans for people with bad credit
  • Another personal finance solution provided by enablefinance.com – visit our bad credit loans page for further details.